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THE CRYING BEGAN JUST AFTER 10 AM JANUARY 8TH after the shock of the TUCSON Shooting of 19 and the death of six when CONGRESSWOMEN GABRIELLE GIFFORDS and her staff were targeted by a mentally ill young man who fired point blank at the Congresswomen, shooting her in the head and then turning his weapon upon her staff and the crowd. President Obama came to Tucson and in a “historic” address he eulogized 9 year old Christina Greene saying Americas needs to find it’s way back to being the country this third-grader believed in and wanted it to be, many tears were shed that night. After the Speech the healing began in Tucson, says Renee Bracamonte, who attended the UMC memorial the night after the shooting and saying she was barely able to walk away that night because of all the pain and grief present that night. “Then it changed,” she said, the next time she and her husband Greg went, “This time it was full of peace and love” and as they walked through the notes, photos, and teddy bears, we wondered if this could have happened for someone else or anywhere else, “Gabbie has touched so many lives, you wonder if anyone else would have caused the same out-pouring of love and now hope”. We thought this was unique to Tucson,” Renee said. “It’s hard to believe Gabbie has touched all these lives.”Mark Kimble agrees “but there you are” said Kimble, a staff member who was present at the Safeway shooting, he says pointing to the acre of photos, balloons, cards, posters and mementos left by those who felt touched by the 40 year old Congresswomen. “last week we collected all the stuffed animals about 600 teddy bears and took them to kids at local hospitals. Look, they’re are all back–pointing out how the ones removed had morphed into many more as folks contribute to the up-swell of hope and peace radiating from the vigils and shrines that have spontaneously sprung up at Gifford’s Offices at Swan and Pima, at University of Arizona’s Medical Center. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


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