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DOGMAN or Don’t Box Me In….?

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When wildlife happens it can be arresting and breath-taking as  well a time when a little common sense mixes well with a dash of horse sense.  No one expects Bighorn Sheep to present themselves for photos to tourists strolling the South Rim of the Grand Canyon so they should be excused if they fail to act responsibly but forethought and constructive comment opens the door to learn. So listen Up, dumb shit! You never box in a wild animal no matter how tame it appears, pushing the limits endanger the animal and yourself–think about the cause and response of your actions. Second lesson was personal since I had Chester, faithful sheltie in tow, the sheep took immediate dislike to Chester’s approach (quiet and unthreatning, just wasn’t welcome) so I tied him off below and still as I approached they stared at me and me alone because smell told them I was half sheltie and half desert rat. So your smell is to be considered when hunting or photographing wildlife, no aftershave, deoderant, perfume or irish spring soap, it will all turn a head or two.

2 responses

  1. Good time of the year to watch your step !
    Carry Water ! Get Out of the Sun !

    June 25, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    • BUZZWORMS this time of the year frequently find themselves near the roadside, if not upon it, so walking home in the dark along the road has real drawbacks.
      But if you really want to find one, look in that woodpile, you one you meant to cleanup last spring, they can feast on all the packrats they can eat.

      July 8, 2010 at 4:29 AM

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