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Archive for February 12, 2011


Havana Cuba is anything but a sleepy tropical community, it’s a huge city has been built next to the Atlantic Ocean over the past Five Hundred Years, ever since Christopher Columbus landed or 491 years ago construction began and continues today. This huge natural harbor on leeward side of the island was the logical place to begin the city and as it grew across the flat plains it finally hit the river which is now the City Park and itself newly restored from the once toxic dump to the serene focus of this riparian district. Havana itself, is constantly being renovated, Plaza Viejo and its surrounding communities,
in the 1980-1990’s were in ruin and no place for smart people to hang out. Today Plaza Viejo, is the crown jewel of the Tourism community, nice restaurants, planetarium, microbrewery with beer bongs, live bands, primary school and the renovation spreads out from the square, you can see the reconstruction cross the street and move down the street. Cuba is literally rebuilding the entire city. In a Police State or Communistic community it easier, no one owns anything–so you just move folks to transitory housing–and as new renovations come available move people in to accomodate their needs. CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR CUBA SLIDESHOW