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Summer’s in Tucson are suffered by those without the funds to spend those months at the beach in California. That said, after three hot months, folks in Tucson tend to get a wee bit crazed and that’s when they have to get out…but where to go, its hot, too hot to even leave the house. So when the Mount Lemmon Sky Center offered an evening of looking at the stars through a world class telescope, it seemed almost too good to be true. Many of the astronomical photographs being produced today are taken by Adam Block at UA’s Mount Lemmon Sky Center using a 24-inch RC Optical Instruments telescope, the same scope visitors get to use. From that 24 inch scope Astrophotographer Adam Block captured this image with the telescope at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter showing two galaxies on a collision path, earlier he had captured the huge appetite of a black hole 50 million light years away.

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[ Our guide to the heavens Mike Terenzoni lectured and guided us to a 9100 foot view of the sunset. Later, dinner was served–as was some liquid nitrogen dished up to demonstrate the adverse temps in outer space. A great opportunity is coming up with the August 11 | Perseid Meteor Shower which should be perfectly viewed from Tucson on Mt. Lemmon The University of Arizona’s SkyCenter is sold out for this annual event but for other evenings it costs, $70 adults, $35 youth (under 18), reservations required 4:45 pm, 520-626-8122 or http://skycenter.arizona.edu

LINK to HUBBLE’S Ultra Deep Field Photo encompasses 800 exposures totaling ONE MILLION SECONDS..said to look back past the BIG BANG


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