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Many of us believe our lives will be just one quiet moment to the next. Some call it boredom, others realize if you step in the middle of i-10 life gets different real fast, because of that, many of us have decided not to become Indy Car drivers or Border Patrol, instead there are leagues of insurance agents, salespersons and education positions usually come with a roof and four walls. What if you were sitting at home, enjoying Oprah, eating bom-boms and instantly the roof disappears and then all four walls…….
A tornado was caught on camera destroying a farmhouse this Video shot by a storm chaser shows the tornado touching down near the house in Wilkin County, Minnesota, and debris flying into the air as the funnel tears into the building. As the tornado moves away, the home appears shredded, with part of its roof missing. Tornados were reported on Saturday evening near Tyler, North Dakota, Tenney, Minnesota, and Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 8/8/2010
Imagine you are running down field on a soccer play one moment, and the next, you are running for your life.

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