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Archive for September 29, 2010


Double Blessing Ceremony
So you were born to blog! Sharing with all the world your innermost thoughts, feelings and in my case, rants! Back up! Setting up a wordpress.com site has been a real experience, a positive experience, for one thing, they are free. Secondly, they really work well and therefore the pressure is on you–the blogger–to produce content someone wants to see or visit. Technically speaking, running web sites boil down to
the amount of space you have available to you, particularly when video, photographs, slideshows are involved. One video can easily add up to a gigabyte, slow to load and play, enter utube which allows you to upload your video to their servers and then link it back to your site without any
cost in space to you. They give you a nice looking player and it looks good. But once the viewer enjoys your video on your site–they are left on utube and they steal your traffic … that said. What traffic you might ask. WordPress sites have great search engine visability, for one reason because they are all linked and you can search all their content or WordPress will link you with related topics on other sites and bring you some readers. My videos have had a marginal affect on my site, however on utube, the Apache project, will soon enjoy its 1000th playing largely from Apache in Arizona and New Mexico but now has been found globally and is enjoying almost 25 hits a day on utube, my other videos, Dia de Muertos in Nogales, Son is second with much fewer hits, fifty eight views since mid-August, and my multi-media slideshow of the Day of the Dead Procession, my best I believe, has had fewer than forty views, inspite of all my spiffy digital sound capture overlaid with the video. Stumbleupon is another tool, if you get a good posting–Stumbleupon might bring you ten viewing in a good day, your content, and its interest to your reader will determine the degree. I recently sent my Shamanism post to Stumbleupon and found the mystery of the super natural brought in almost nine hits from the outside. Either way, it is hard to match the power and speed of the huge servers of utube but as you blog, your archives gives you depth, and slowly builds your daily viewings. SOUTHWESTPHOTOBANK.COM and SOUTHWEST PHOTO JOURNAL are new and designed to promote each other by sucking in the search engines and finding new views and ultimately customers.
I can see from my stats page, readership is up, the curious are visiting–but I still am amazed by the success of my videos on utube and the total lack of interest in them on site. Obviously, the content needs improvement, and the right story will bring more visibility, so SWPB will continue to be topical and current and strive to reach you across multiple platforms. You can help by coming back and checking in.
Hey, if nothing else, the Tucson Weather Report on my page with its 10-day outlook is the BEST REPORT in Town. Weather in Tucson tomorrow! HOT and SUNNY … See, who would have seen that coming.