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PUSCH RIDGE DRESSES UP THE ENTIRE NORTHWEST SIDE OF TUCSON AND MAKES IT THE FASHIONABLE SIDE OF TOWN. I’m closing out my 4th decade in TUCSON and most of that time I have lived in one spot in the shadow of PUSCH RIDGE. Early on, I set up a ladder and never moved it, eventually the vines grew over the ladder and now it can never move but nightly I will find myself on my roof watching the interplay of lite and color as both bounce off PUSCH RIDGE. It can be particularly rewarding this time of the year when clouds appear and give the sky contrast and color at sunset, the storms and lightening add a completely different component, each photographer has to decide how much of that he can handle. I frankly get off the roof when the sky is crackling, the tree in my front yard was recently reduced to a hedge by an explosive lightening strike. So take my advise, keep your head down and find a good, solid plastic tripod. Today I am posting a new slide show on SouthWestPhotoBank.Com which will show a portion of my collection of my PUSCH RIDGE Collection and hope you find them fun in the real-time of a slideshow and remember in actuality each reflects a day, or 24 hours, in changing weather and time spent. I have driven all over the AMERICAN SOUTHWEST and BAJA and few places I have visited have had the class and beauty that PUSCH RIDGE lends TUCSON. Its always fun when driving in, after a long trip, to finally spy my view of the ridge and finally know, I’M HOME ! There is PUSCH RIDGE to prove it. HOPE YOU ENJOY…

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